SBS Simret-ic

Stack testing is an important tool used to determine a facility’s compliance with Emission Limit Value (ELV), or capture or control efficiency.

Covering different ranges of technologies from basic EC to advance FTIR and Sampling (Dust, Dioxins & Furans, Heavy Metals …), SBS delivers portable system as per your requirements and budget.


Scope of Supply

Instrumentation & Systems Provided in the Middle East & East Africa:

EC/NDIR Gas Analyzers: SO2, NOx , CO, CO2, HC (CxHy), H2S, O2
Reference Method Gas Analyzer: SO2, NOx, CO, O2, CH4 , NMHC, THC
FTIR Technology: SO2, NOx, CO, O2, CH4, HCL, HF, THC, CO2 etc.
Automatic/Manual Isokinetic Sampler: Dust, Gases, Dioxin, Mercury and Heavy Metals
Pitot Tube: Flow
Thermocouple: Temperature